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Airbrush Tattoos

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Airbrush Tattoo Care


Airbrush temporary tattoos are designed for fun, and we hope that our customers take it as such. However, please keep in mind that the airbrush tattoos are painted on the skin. Although the paint is waterproof, this paint sits on the top of the skin and is subject to rubbing of any kind. 

This includes but is not limited to clothes, towels, car seats, tubes on rides, scratching, rubbing of any type and sleeping. Overly dry and oily skin can decrease the life of the tattoo as can sweating. These are things that we can not control. Although 90-95% of our customers do not have any problems, please ask our tattoo artist for company touch up and replacement policies. 

The best places to put an airbrush tattoo are the arms and the legs. However, this does not guarantee duration. Our paint is composed of FDA approved ingredients. It does not stain the skin. Airbrush tattoos last on average 3-7 days. However depending on care, skin type and placement of the design, they may last anywhere from 1-10 days.


  • avoid oils, lotions, alcohol, and soaps 
  • avoid scrubbing and rubbing 
  • keep tight clothing from rubbing on tattoo 
  • allow design to air dry or gently pat dry 
  • powder before sleeping and after bathing 
  • to remove use rubbing alcohol or baby oil